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Pješačke staze

You can hike freely in most parts of the country, as long as you respect nature and other people's privacy. Find a nice camping site by a lake, with a view towards the west so you can watch the sun go down.

Those who prefer surfaced trails with facilities such as campfire sites and huts take advantage of the huge networks of marked hiking trails in national parks, hiking areas, nature reserves or local authority recreational areas. Or even more convenient: just take a guided excursion to hear and learn more about Finnish forests.

Finland's several national parks are well worth visiting. They are designated as hiking areas. Detailed maps are available, as well as guides who can tell you where to find areas of outstanding natural beauty. The hiking options in these places vary in length and terrain, from nature trails of just a few kilometers in Evo in southern Finland to the 133-kilometre Bear (Karhu) Trail in the northwest.